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Inspect all fluid levels and condition. Check belts and hoses. Lube door and hood hinges, lube steering, suspension and driveline. Includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil and new ACDelco oil filter. Diesels and synthetic oil may be slightly higher.

Maintenance II

Change engine oil and filter. Reset oil life system. Visually check for any leaks or damage. Inspect engine air cleaner filter; replace if necessary. Rotate and inspect tires. Check inflation pressures and wear. Inspect brake system, including brake lines, hoses, pads, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors, and drums. Check and top off all fluid levels. Inspect engine cooling system. Lubricate body components. Inspect wiper blades for wear or cracking. Inspect restraint system components. Lubricate and inspect suspension and steering components. Check transmission/transaxle fluid level and add fluid as needed. Inspect engine and accessory belts. Inspect Evaporative Control System. Trucks without a filter restriction indicator: Inspect engine air cleaner filter. Diesel only: Fuel filter service; replace as necessary (replacement extra). Diesel only: Check air intake. Trucks with Allison Transmission only: Inspect external control-main filter; replace if necessary (replacement extra). Price does not include additional mileage-based services as recommended in your Owner's Manual.


Check and set tire pressures. Rotate tires & wheels as recommended.

(Service does not include tire monitor system reset)


Inspect condition of all hoses, clamps and belts. Pressure test system. Inspect radiator and water pump for proper operation.


Check tire pressures & adjust as necessary. Balance four tires. Rotate tires. Inspect tires and wheels for abnormal wear & damage. Torque wheel nuts as recommended.

Brake Inspection

Check brake lines and hoses. Inspect disc brake pads and linings. Check rotors and drums. Check master cylinder and fluid levels.

Transmission Power Flush & Service

Drain and refill the transmission/transaxle with approved fluid. Adjust linkage if necessary. Install filter and gasket. Check transmission/transaxle operation.

Power Steering Service (PSF)

Inspect condition of all hoses and clamps. Service and bleed power steering fluid system. Replenish with proper grade fluids.

Premium Wiper Service

Replace wiper blades.

Front Brake Service

Install pads. Inspect rotors. Check calipers and master cylinder fluid levels. Rotor resurface additional.

A/C Service & Disinfect Case

Performance test system. Inspect system for leaks. Clean & Disinfect evaporator case. Check drive belt condition and tension. Check hoses and belts for deterioration. Tighten compressor and mounting bolts, if necessary. Refrigerant extra.