Regular vehicle maintenance that includes an oil change is important for your vehicle's performance. An engine has many moving parts that need regular lubrication. The oil in the engine can break down and become contaminated with dirt and debris. Changing your vehicle's oil will prevent expensive repairs from occurring by reducing friction and preventing your engine from being clogged. Here are a few reasons why your vehicle needs regular oil changes at our service center in Abbeville, LA.

  • Improves gas mileage: You probably use a lot of gas when commuting to Youngsville. A lubricated engine with clean oil can improve your vehicle's fuel consumption and help you save money on the cost of fuel.
  • Improves vehicle longevity: A buildup of dirt and debris makes the internal components of your engine work harder as you drive around Lafayette. This buildup reduces the lifespan of your engine. Regularly scheduled maintenance will improve the life and function of your engine.
  • Keeps engine components cool: Friction occurs when the engine's components do not have enough lubrication while driving to Lafayette. Friction can cause the engine to overheat, which damages the engine's components. Clean oil is needed to keep your engine from overheating and wearing against itself.
  • Protects your engine from corrosion: Natural elements can lead to engine corrosion. Your engine is vulnerable to corrosion if it does not have enough oil. The oil acts as a protective coating for your engine against corrosive moisture and air particulates. Replacing old oil with clean oil is necessary to protect your engine from corrosion.

Your vehicle's engine is a complex piece of machinery with thousands of moving parts. The wear-and-tear your engine goes through during your daily Acadiana area commute is inevitable. Regularly scheduled oil changes can help protect your engine's vital components. Contact [DEALER] in Abbeville, LA and schedule an oil change today.

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