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Maintain Your Chevrolet's Performance With Regular Service in Abbeville, LA

There are ways you can keep your Chevrolet performing at its best on Lafayette's roads whether it's brand-new or with a few years already under its timing belt. Regular maintenance can turn back the clock on vital engine systems and components like your tires and brakes, allowing you to get the most out of your vehicle investment.

Engine Care

The foundation of engine care is properly maintaining its fluids, and there's no more important fluid for keeping things running smoothly than motor oil. If you're spending a lot of driving time at freeway speeds near Broussard, regular oil changes are a key part of maintaining engine health, as oil can break down under constant exposure to high temperatures. Even if you're not driving your Chevy all that much, a twice yearly oil change can keep moisture from getting into your oil and damaging engine parts.

Tire Maintenance

You'll get a lot more enjoyment driving through New Iberia with properly balanced tires that have sufficient air and the right amount of tread. Tires are easy to forget about until one goes flat from neglect; you can avoid breaking down with regular tread and pressure checks. You'll also want to schedule a rotation every six months or so to avoid your tires developing uneven wear patterns.

Brake Service

You'll be safer driving Youngsville's roads with properly maintained brakes. Brake pads wear down at different rates depending on how you drive. If you spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic, you may need to schedule service every 20,000 miles or so. Refreshing brake fluid and purging any air in your brake lines is a good idea every three years or so. You can also have your rotors inspected every now and then to ensure they're not damaged.

So, don't hesitate to contact us at Ray Chevrolet to schedule your next service appointment. Our skilled and experienced technicians will be sure to take good care of you and your Chevy while you're here in Abbeville, LA!