At Ray Chevrolet, we're committed to helping Lafayette car owners take good care of their automobiles. Driving around New Iberia with a failing or poorly maintained transmission is never a good idea. Unfortunately, many people don't recognize the signs of developing transmission issues. That's why we're sharing six ways to know when it's time for transmission service.

Your Transmission Has a Fluid Leak: Any leak that leaves you with a puddle of red or brown fluid on your driveway is related to your transmission. Replacing lost transmission fluid on your own won't solve the problem. Moreover, failing to get timely transmission repairs will allow a potentially minor issue to spiral out of control.

There's a Sweet or Burnt Odor When the Vehicle Is in Use: Although burning transmission fluid smells like coolant, any sweet, burnt odor that permeates the air when your auto is running is a good reason to visit Ray Chevrolet for transmission service.

Your Car Shimmies When It Idles: When the vehicle is stopped, it should remain still. Shaking, shimmying, and other vibrations while idling are referred to as rough idling. A rough idle is a good indication that a transmission is having trouble.

Your Check Transmission Light Is On: Whenever your dash lights indicate problems with your transmission, you should schedule service without delay. Even if the issue turns out to be a malfunctioning dash light, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Your Vehicle Struggles to Accelerate: Unless you're driving around Youngsville in a classic car, you shouldn't have to put the "pedal to the metal" to accelerate. If it takes too long for your vehicle to get into action when the light turns green or if you have difficulty reaching your desired speed, the problem likely lies with your transmission on the freeway.

It Takes Time to Shift Into Gear: Shifting into gear should always be a smooth and instant effort. If your shifting is delayed or rougher than normal, it's time for service near Broussard.

Why Taking Good Care of Your Transmission Is So Important

When your transmission is working properly, you can easily shift into gear. You'll enjoy responsive acceleration, and you'll get better performance on both highways and city streets. If your vehicle is due for transmission service, see us at Ray Chevrolet in Abbeville, LA, today.

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